Hey, there!

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Adib Hasan. I’m currently pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I grew up in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. I participated in Math Olympiads during high school.

Professionally, I am very passionate about about applications of deep learning. Currently, I am working under Dr. Regina Barzilay at MIT’s NLP Lab. My research focuses on understanding the connection between interpretability and robustness of the deep learning models..

I also love combinatorics. I’ve recently co-authored a book titled An Introduction to Combinatorics (Part 1, Part 2). This book is a join-attempt at teaching combinatorics through problem solving.

If you need to contact me, send an email to not<firstname> at <universityinitials> dot edu


Erdős Number: 5
Favorite Prime: 7
Favorite Myth: Norse
Github: Neehan
Editor: gVim
Interests: Travelling; visited 19 cities in 11 countries
Favorite Books: A Storm of Swords by George R R Martin, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, and Norwegian Woods by Haruki Murakami