How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

This is a very unusual post for this blog. I hope my regular readers will bear with me.

I love Game of Thrones. I have read the books and the companion novels. I have been following the series for years. I am familiar with most of the fan theories too. Tonight the series finale aired. I didn’t like how the show ended. It felt rushed and very baffling.

I understand that I don’t get to question the showrunners’ creative decisions about the show. However, as a fan I can disagree with them. This post is about how I feel the show should have ended. It was written in haste, so please forgive the typos and the repeating sentences.

Before I begin, please note that this article contains major spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Long Night

In my honest opinion, the army of the living should have lost this fight. They should have retreated back to Iron Islands. However, this goes too far from the show’s ending, so I shall not pursue this thread. I shall try to modify the show’s version of the story so that it makes some sense.

The battle plan of the army of the living SUCKED. I won’t even try to justify it.

First of all, the cavalry charge was stupid. There are other articles on the internet suggesting better ways to use the Dothraki, so I’ll not get to it.  Secondly, if the army of the living wanted to defend the castle,  they should have also dug a wider, deeper trench around winterfell. The troops should be positioned behind the trench. In that way, the wights would not be able to cross the trench just by dropping some bodies. They would eventually fill in the trench, but it would require more time while they take damage. And when they do cross the trench, they would face fresh troops awaiting for them.

They should have manned the wall from the beginning, not when the wights are pursuing them.

In the show, the army of the living had catapults, but they got overrun only after throwing a couple of vollies. A more realistic solution would be to position the catapults inside the castle walls so that they may function for longer. Also, throwing jars full of wildfire, instead of rocks, might have been more effective since wights are susceptible to fire. (In fact, it was out of character for Tyrion not to suggest this strategy, after all, he had destroyed King Stanis’s fleet in the Blackwater Bay with wildfire.)

Nobody should have taken shelter in the Crypt. That’s where the Starks bury their dead. Someone should have spotted that!

Brianne Should have died in Jamie’s arms. Her character arc was complete.

Sansa should have died. She was useless throughout the entire story. Too bad, north needs a ruler.

In the show, the living were overwhelmed by Night King’s army. Night King was coming for Bran. At that point, out of desperation, Bran should have tried a new strategy. As we have seen in the Hodor story, warging in the past can affect the future. Inspired from this, he would try to go back thousands of years, when Night King was a human, and try to warg into him to stop the army of the dead at present. This would freeze the dead and white walkers for am moment, which is enough for Jon to rush and and stab the Night King. That would fulfil Jon’s role as the Azor Ahai.

Again, it should have been Jon who killed Night King. Otherwise, his resurrection has no importance, storywise.

As for Bran, altering past should have serious side-effects, as the previous Three Eyed Raven said,

The past is already written. The ink is dry.

He could get stuck in the past for good. Then, he could become Bran the Builder.

Rhaegal’s Death

The overpowered Scorpion plot had more holes than Swiss cheese. Someone calculated that the bolts needed to have an initial velocity of 2000m/s to make it happen. Also, the dragons are practically invulnerable in the air according to the books.

The show should have given Euron a dragon horn instead. These horns were used in Old Valeriya and are presumably capable of controlling dragons. Dany should have spotted Iron fleet from far above. Unknowing that Euron has a dragon horn, she would proceed to destroy the Iron fleet. When she was close enough, Euron would blow the horn and take control of both dragons. However, Dany should regain control of Drogon soon, because of special bond with him. Rhaegal would go berserk, attacking Dany’s ships and pursuing Drogon. Dany would have no choice but to kill Rhaegal with Drogon. That would be a devastating blow for both Dany and Drogon. She would mourn for Rhaegal and become more revengeful and destroy Euron’s fleet with remaining strength.

Destruction of King’s Landing

Jaime should accompany Dany, not to save Cersei, but to kill her. Suspecting Dany’s plan to burn everyone in King’s Landing, Tyrion would ask Jaime to secretly go to the Red Keep and convince Cersei to surrender. Jaime would do so, while Dany would attack the City’s defenses.

After meeting Jaime, Cersei would pretend to surrender. She would ring the bell and open the gates. When Dany’s troops get inside the walls, they would be greeted by common folk. Then the folk would suddenly attack Dany’s soldiers. It would become apparent that Cersei has hidden her soldiers among common folk and using them as a meat shield to slaughter Dany’s troops. There should also be archers in the buildings. Common folk would throw rocks at Dany and Drogon showing that she was undesirable. This would finally provoke Dany  and she would go on a rampage. She would also command Grey Worm to kill everyone who fought for Cersei.

On the other hand, seeing what Cersei had done, Jaime would finally choke Cersei, thus fulfilling Maggy the Frog’s prophecy.

The Ending

After witnessing the atrocities committed by Dany, Grey Worm and their army, Arya will finally kill Grey Worm and steal his face. Then she would get to Dany in the throne room and kill her. Seeing his mother dead, Drogon will burn Arya, melt the Iron Throne and fly away with Dany’s corpse.

Finally, Jon should become the king, with Tyrion becoming his hand. The post credit scene should show Night King is being reborn. (Implying that somehow the timeline has changed, which would provide the premise for HBO’s spin off.)

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